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Originally Posted by 77Pinto View Post
Not true.

Just because the dealer(s) that you have been to have techs that you think might know less that average, its un-fair to make the comment you made. I go to two dealers in my area, and the techs know these bikes very well. Maybe its that you think you know more? I will ask one of the techs I know and see if Honda school has a class: "All Honda Motorcycles, less the GoldWing".

Honda makes (has made for them) and sells oil MADE FOR THESE BIKES!!! In my 30+ years of riding Hondas, always using Honda oil, NEVER an oil related issue!!

Sure, save a few bucks with cheap-o crap oil, and cross your fingers!!

That is unless you have them do a warranty repair that requires engine removal. I wonder how you would feel if they scratched up your 2012 near mint bike. They more often don't know or, worse, don't care. They know very little compared to this forum. Every problem will have a solution on this and most other forums. The answers are here!

As for oil, keep it changed at regular intervals. 4K on just about any oil made with today's technology probably retains 4 times the modifiers of oil made 30 years ago. Oil and tire threads should be deleted as soon as they are posted. They all just go nowhere but in circles.
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