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Originally Posted by soso565 View Post
here few closeup pictures of the biggest particles that i found in my pan after dumping the oil
about magnet ....i will have to confirm that in few hrs ...hang on

about neutral few example:
when i ride and stop at a light in gear # 4 ...I can go down to gear #2 easily , to go from 2 to 1 I need to release the clutch a little and barely push the bike back and forward and then it goes to 1 . after it quiet easy from gear # 1 to go neutral

when I ride and proceeding to stop at a light I can easily go from 5 to 4 to 3 to 2 to either neutral or 1 during the deceleration until full stop

I'm french and i might be confuse between clutch term .
when I press the clutch lever toward the handle , I call it engaging the clutch

when i don't touch the clutch lever I call that the clutch is not engage

from what i read im not using the right term at the right place ( engaging and disengage )
That is incorrect, most get that wrong, has nothing to do with being french.
I agree, that does look like carbon pieces.

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