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Future NASSIR Dates

I am not in favor of the dates chosen for NASSIR IX.

The dates for NASSIR events were thoroughly discussed in a thread and poll (link) when setting up one of the earlier NASSIR events. It was for NASSIR 3. As I recall it was determined the most optimal date was to use Tuesday through Thursday of the week following the week which contained July 4th, (for 2016 that would make it July 12 through 14). This was when Wexy was setting up the locations and hosts for the NASSIR events. Based on conversations with and messages from him I was of the impression we would keep that criteria as the basis for selecting future dates.

Some of the reasons for this were;

Safety. Traveling on the July 4th holiday weekend subjects us to heavier than normal traffic and we all know some of those drivers have been celebrating.

July 4th events. Many people have family gatherings on July 4th, others are involved in community events. Being at a July 4th event and making it to NASSIR in time for the festivities to begin on July 5th will be pretty much impossible for most members.

Accommodations while traveling. Those who camp, getting a camp site over the July 4th weekend for an overnight stop without a reservation are going to have chances somewhere between slim and none. Almost every campground requires reservations for all 3 nights on a holiday weekend so making a one night reservation for an overnight stop is not going to work out. I suspect many Hotels will also be quite busy so finding a room for overnight stops could also present a problem.

Now that there are others setting up the hosts, locations and dates, the old criteria were, obviously, not used in setting the date.

Personally I like the week following the week of the 4th as the NASSIR schedule. I know there were some others at NASSIR VIII who were not happy with the NASSIR IX date as they may not be able to make it to the event. I know we will never have all of us happy and able to attend these events.

This is not a request to change NASSIR IX as I realize the date normally has to be set well in advance with the Hotels and other venues that are being scheduled so trying to make a change at this point is probably not reasonable.

I WOULD like to see us go back to using the week following the week of July 4th for future events.


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