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looks like there is a "Weber 26-34 two barrel carb" variant

a wonderful thread you have going here dkl, with mild drifts here & there, like your seat stuff

& turns out randakk's carb choice is ultra cheap,

also new to me is suitability for overall gw use, my understanding was mostly difficulties with tuning and it was considered too much (big a) carb

i've certainly not heard or read this
That's actually a $40 EBAY carb (Weber 32/36 DFV). One of the best and most flexible carbs ever made. It can easily support the needs of vehicles from 40hp to 300+

82, going over it

had a hog in there for a bit but basically,
back in the saddle after a ~ 24 year break,
at the time, had an oncoming made a left turn deal

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