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Many here have designed, then built, some really great intake manifolds to help keep these old bikes going reliably. Names aren't necessary, as each have a passion in and for doing it that, though may stem from the individual, is shared by the group when possible.
Nearly most all of those passionate types check-in however they can.
We've a medium here to share that passion. Many of us have found many difficulties on translating the very fine technical priorities from one hand to another though.

Your idea of using PVC for a intake manifold, combined with your personal successes in application and daily usage is a remarkable asset to many.

You keep moving forward with this. Realise (meaning "don't forget") some will encourage your effort in ways that afford their self the want of doing so within the means that they have to work with.

I see it very encouraging of Randakk posting in this thread, for whatever reasoning of his, or the others reasoning in choosing to interpret his act for doing it.

What you are doing is important to me for my reasoning and, therefore, I encourage your success in doing it as well.
You're clearly passionate for it and its success in transfer will come solely from that.

...there's my 2.
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