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Originally Posted by AZgl1800 View Post
The idgits is the only reason I installed a Hi-Res video camera on my bike.

and, I will be installing one of the bullet style video cameras for a rearward looking view to catch the license plates of those neer-do-wells.... with that ammo, the LEO community can take them to court... My video camera logs the date/time and has GPS capability also, which I am going to add "real soon now".

We are a little off track here. The ranting seems to be over. This camera is about the best option I have seen to date. Less than a GoPro and easier to use. I am also thinking front and rear views. If something bad happens then there will at least be some evidence of who is at fault. I will have to mount the remote controls in the unused air bag cavity. I will want them active at all times while the key is on. I am sure there will be better deals on the units around Christmas.!motorcycle-...iker-pro/c1luz
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