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Originally Posted by Peppi-Le-Pew View Post
We all have close calls. Remember it is just as frustrating for cagers dealing with other cagers. Personally I always stay left anywhere a ramp is discarding and introducing obstacles. I tend to stay left as to eliminate 50% of the cars turning into my lane. I also protect my safety gap by speeding up and preventing a cager from cutting me off. They get poed when a simple twist of the throttle prevents them from sneaking into that safety gap. Many give me the finger. They try to cut me off while traveling at 80 mph and get mad when they cant. Wings have large side view mirrors the size of cars so seeing them coming is quite easy. I am seeing more and more NJ and NY style drivers in NH. Being prepared for their antics is better than giving reason for them to run you off the road. I often think of glass marbles that shatter leaving no evidence. I won't because their cars will still be mobile allowing them to cause me great harm. Worse yet, my innocent wife could get hurt or worse. I had considered mothballing my 1800 for the season because of the idiots on route 16 in the morning. Not pleasurable! As for trucks, I have been next to one in my car when a tire cap blew off. It would have killed me on a bike. Stay away! The instability created by their wind buffeting gives reason to avoid them at all costs. Anticipating scenarios and being aware of escape routes is as many know the secret to surviving on today's cluttered roads. Be safe.
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