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Is there a chance that the debris fell from the exterior crankcase area when removing the filter and drain plug? I don't know what Honda uses for clutch material so it could be clutch. Carbon clutches in my experience tend to become smaller particles when flaking of the plates. I see it all the time in GM transmissions. Honda car transmissions have similar tendencies when the torque converter so often detonates from lack of hold off pressure. I would have the samples analyzed. I would change the oil immediately and also have it analyzed. If the clutch or engine has a problem your warranty will cover it. Better to drop the bike in the dealers lap during cold weather. They tend to be slower and more eager to do warranty work. The tech will be a little more patient since there is not much else to go onto when he finishes. It can be difficult to find a competent person to diagnose and be honest and upfront about the actual problem. Remember the dealer is working for Honda, and not you.
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