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A Simple Gas Cap Story

When I got home from work today, my '94' 1500 A/SE was making this buzzing bee noise. I was pretty sure the sound was somebody else's fault down the block so I had my Top Hand come out and look and she is the one who figured it out. I don't hear well enough to triangulate. It was at the filler pocket on the fairing. Specifically the gas cap. Anyway to rub salt in the wound when I whined about it to her she says, "Are you low on gas?" . Now I have to admit I kind of dig my heels in when it comes to her mechanical advice whether it is right or not but I had to admit to her this time that "Yeah I need gas. The tank is almost empty."
So before I relinquish my last vestige of male pride and admit she may have found the problem, I wanted to ask has anyone else had an issue with the cap buzzing when their tank is low? When I removed the cap the buzzing stopped so I am pretty sure something in there is not sealing like it did 10 or 20 years ago but can't find any info in my Clymer book nor anything specific about gas caps here. At least for about a hundred threads. Any ideas or remedies or will i be reduced to groveling to my wife for a solution?
Oh yeah the tank had maybe 3-6PSI? on it by my educated guesstimate, when I loosened the cap. Thanks Bros............


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