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From my observations and information from GW mechanic it is not normal for the fuel tank to build up suction pressure.
Though I'm not sure if the earlier 1500s had the fuel tank vent tube on the fuel cap but the later 1500s are designed with vent system through a red vent tube coming off the top of the fuel cap.
What causes some bike to have the build up in pressure in the fuel tank is when the rubber diaphragm vent hole in the fuel cap gets off center and does not allow proper venting of your fuel tank through the red vent hose.
If you look up in fuel side of the gas cap you will see the orangish color rubber diaphragm with a hole in the center. To make sure you are getting the proper venting through the fuel cap and vent hose take a small screw driver and make sure that diaphragm hole is in the center of the gas cap or inline with the vent hose.

This pressure can also cause hard starting and I would venture to bet that this build up in pressure has led to some of the issue with the petcock valve going bad do to the over pressures on the fuel systems.
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