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What happens when you push the starter button?? Have you checked the battery?? should be at least 12.5 v's sitting and shouldn't drop below 10 when you hit the starter button(you need a meter to check this), or take it to a battery place and have it checked. You can check the starter by jumping it..from a car battery..positive to the stud on the starter; negative to ground on the engine if it spins it's OK, if not it's dead..either needs rebuild; or it's shorted out = replace. To check the solenoid circuit next to the back of the battery..key on and take a big screw driver and short across the two big studs on it's top..if the starter spins you've circuit to the solenoid. If battery good and the circuit to the solenoid is good and you push the starter button and all you here is a click at the solenoid it's probably bad = replace.

How long had the bike been sitting? Any history???

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