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Kit Carson
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Does it work as well? I have played with my CB a lot, I even bought a tuner for it to tune the antenna to the unit. Maximum range on it is about 7 miles for a clear talk picture, and better within 3 to 5 miles. A motorcycle is not a good platform for the CB to transmit and receive from.......

Would not a short or concealed antenna defeat any functional range of the CB?
Just wondering.......I am just a dumb country redneck......that is what a lady called me the other day I have however figured out engineers know a lot more about this kind of thing than I do......... Kit

The 1800 is my bike. The very best motorcycle ever made. I was enthralled with my first test ride on this machine. It is a great bike. A crotch rocket with storage bags.............As for oil I use the slick kind, and I like round tires, but as of late I have found square ones work best on the rear. Pirelli Eufori 195/55/16 @ 32 PSI
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