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I've posted some thing's for sale in the past.
In doing that, I knew the interest was either there, or not.
I remember posting a nice Corbin Gunfighter seat for a 1000 some years ago for a friend. It was a great $$$ deal in the first post.
I had gotten no response or offers for about a week so, I reduced the price with a bump to let others that may have had a interest know, knowing it would surface at the top of the postings.
I believe that's where it is still today, and should still show in the results, ...that last bump of mine.
The fella who owned the seat, my friend, was anxious to sell it, texting me every day whether it had sold or not, as he needed the cash. He'd ask if I was bumping it to the top. I told him, "no, they know it's there...". Told him I'll bump it for a reason, not "just because" he wanted it bumped. That's when I suggested he lower the price. So, that's when I bumped it...

I eventually bought it.

I've bumped a couple of old technically threads that I had found relevance in. May be more than a couple of those. I don't recall exactly how many, but less than a handful.
"Relevance" is the real key to bumping as I see it.
I don't know what happened, or even which thread to reference for this one, but without some kind of relevant reasoning for pushing a thread back to the top, and forcing all to see it again, needs some kind of reason for doing so.
If AZ stepped in, I'm guessing that "bump" was the post, which was the trigger, because Dave kinda spelled it out.

So, I ask, "why did you bump it?"
Because you need it sold?
We know that. It must be in the For Sale section. That's how I would know you need to sell it. Selling stuff on here is not really profitable. It never really has been. That forum is more to help others by those that have the resources to do it. I'm guessing you've a bike over there for sale. If somebody needs it for the price you've got it at, then it'll sell. If it ain't selling, what's the problem? ...and then, what's the best possible, alternative solution; a price drop?.
Giving it to the masses again isn't the best solution in my experience. Maybe it's not so much a price drop as a "free shipping" arrangement for the buyer.
...something creative?..
Bumping it won't make anyone pull the trigger if undecided. It will probably foster some debate in way or another..
It really gets down to forum etiquette.

It's not about bandwith. The fallout from needless bumping consumes more of that.
It's not really about "not allowed" either. Dave kinda spelled that out too.
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