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Gotta wonder whether it's about the slop in the linkages, when sooo many current Honda models use linkages on the shifter and even some brake pedals, straight from the factory. So too with the Hondaline "Sport-Kit" rear-sets of the DOHC-four era, concurrent with the GL1000 & GL1100....

Just one twit's opinion, but ... I think it's probably more to do with the rider's weight always riding on the pivoting foot-boards, and that a rider unused to their function might stomp on 'em and initiate an inappropriate gear-shift at an inopportune time. Whaddya think, am I waaay off?

Myself, I'm not so much into the floor-boards thing, but I AM looking for a good heel-toe shifter for use with a REAR-SETS peg job on my "CB900K0 Bol Bomber" (hey - it's got some 'Wing bits on it!) I got used to the idea when I had two bikes in the stable, an '82 C70 Passport, and an '82 CB750F - and I'd flip a coin for which one just about every time I'd ride, I just liked that lil' Cub-Clone so much. For the wheelies, cat-walks, and endo-stoppies. A lot of fun.

Well, and I'd had recent back surgery right before getting the bigger bike, so in truth for a long time there the stunts were only in my memories, and it was about not being able to throw a leg over the saddle, just barely being able to sweep one through the "under-bone" section in front of the seat. And one other major side-effect even before the surgery but especially pronounced after a failed surgery which in hindsight made things WORSE - was a numb left foot, pretty much dead from midway up the calf, often higher. So needless to say, I couldn't feel what was going on with the toe shifter on the 750, I'd have to take my eyes off the road, look down and see whether my toe was hooking under the shift lever. When you're going upwards of 200KPH this can jostle your head around quite a bit when your helmet pops in and out of the chin-on-tank "tuck & crouch" (aka "MFF" or "Monkey Fornicating Football") ergonomics & subsequent wind-bubble. Not so good. So, lucky for me, with the forward located USA-spec footpegs on that particular 750, I was able to substitute a spare shifter from the C70 Passport, which was a heel-toe type. It just popped right onto the splined-shift-shaft! What a pity it doesn't work with the "Sport-Kit" or any other rear-sets type of foot controls!

'Cause I REALLY like the heel-toe lever on the old CUB, Passport etc. Not just functionally, but aesthetically as well! There are a lot of heel-toe kits for Harley aftermarket etc, but they're all FUGLY as get out, IMHO. So I'm looking at stuff from classic Italian bikes, hoping to find one with a left-side shifter. The Cub/Passport type would be great, except that they're made for a splined shaft. So you'd either have to weld on it, or weld on it AND drill out those splines, OR use a splined shaft for a pivot shaft through the peg mounts, just like a brake pedal pivot only smaller. Interestingly, there ARE bikes with similar set-up - the Yamaha XVZ Venture Royale for instance. The trick would be in assembling enough parts to make it all work. Well, if I ever get around to rebuilding a DOHC Honda engine, what I'd start with is a cut-down shifter shaft, such that the splined section only sticks out SO far from the engine cases, such that the little pivot lug would mount UNDERNEATH the engine, within the frame rails. That way, another cut-down shifter pivot shaft could run through the plate with a heel-toe pedal out there, but with all of the linkage and rod-ends etc, hidden between the frame rails, down underneath the chain and swing-arm and everything. Ah, but I guess this wouldn't catch on 'cause most folks prefer to SHOW OFF stuff like pedal linkages. Well, until their boots keep catching on 'em all the time, that is. IMHO a hidden linkage could really be something worthwhile.

Well, whatever - for the time being, I've got TAROZZI pegs on the bike, though I intend to get rid of 'em, put 'em on the "KZ440LOL" I'm building for my teenaged Ex-Daughter. (With the wheel in my avatar pic! See? Now picture that with a low-profile 110/70-16 Maxi-Scooter tire and 39mm CB900F fork, and draw your imaginary eye backwards along the REST of this odd-ball machine, every inch as weird as that front wheel.....) COUGH - Anyway yeah, the TAROZZI pegs - they have a separate lever pivoting on the peg, and well I've got a bunch of thick alloy plate. So, much as I prefer the aesthetics of the OEM pegs and pedals, all of the cast alloy and forged steel ... I'm gonna CARVE me a heel-toe pedal of some sort or other. For damn sure it's gonna be as Fugly as any of that Harley Aftermarket crap, but at least it's a cheap quick dirty & temporary "FIX" !

What I want are some welded-on bungs for a removable alloy plate ('cause I've got a TON of scrap alloy plate for the carving) and any/all adjustments needed will be carried out on those plates. Each pair of little triangular brackets could have different ergonomics. But what's key IMHO, is a separate peg and pedal pivot. As well as recognizable period-correct OEM components one and all....

But hey - FOOT BOARDS could be a pretty good set-up too.

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