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Originally Posted by CWN View Post
Need I say more :<)

Service Bulletins for GL1500
SB1 1988 GL1500 Carburetor Vent Hose Routing
SB2 1988 GL1500 Low Speed Driveability Improvement
SB3 GL1500 CB Radio Sub Harness
SB4 1988-1989 GL1500 Saddlebag Water Leakage
SB5 1988-1989 GL1500 Improved Windshield Seal
SB6 1988-1993 GL1500 Bank Angle Sensor Replacement
SB7 1997 GL1500C Valkyrie Turn Signal Bracket Replacement
SB8 1997-1998 GL1500C/CT Valkyrie CB Radio Kit
SB9 2000 GL1500A/SE Defective 3 Way T Fitting To The Air Injuction Control
SL34 1997 GL1500C Leather Saddlebags Hardware Replacement.
Well, yes, what's your point? This thread is about 1800 frame cracks, not 1500s, or anything else.

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