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Originally Posted by AZgl1800 View Post
Chris, should I be shaking in my boots?

I suspect that if my '02 had a bad weld, it would have showed up quite a while ago. The PO installed the Traxxion suspension on it many years ago and I would think that if it was going to crack, that it would have by now.
It's not the welds that are breaking now.It's the tubes behind the passenger footrests that basically hold the back end of the bike together.The tubes are so thin that they claim there is no way to properly repair them.Like I said before mine is one of the patched up frames from late 04 and yes I keep a pretty close eye on it.Honda Canada doesn't appear to be as forthcoming about replacing frames still as she is in the States.Maybe I should just pawn it off on someone that is still convinced it's not an issue.Oh wait a minute I actually have a conscience so that won't work.

BTW I've also read that while this is a safety recall there is a sort of "Statute of Limitations" on it.So after a point Honda replacing them becomes more of a goodwill thing.

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