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Got the new Cee Bailey windshield on today, kind of a good news/bad news deal. The good news is the windshield really is good looking, crystal clear and about .050" thicker than OEM. The bad news is that it's .050" thicker. If you should buy one of these be warned that the shoulders on the center three screws that attach the windshield to the sliders will be about .050" too thin so the windshield will be too tight to slide up and down.

My solution was to turn down three .055" thick washers whose center hole was a bit too small to fit over the screw. I turned them down by stacking them up on a bolt, tightening them down with a nut, clamping the assembly in my battery drill and grinding them down on my grinder with the drill slowly turning against the direction the wheel was spinning. Oncethey get them to the same diameter as the shoulder on the windshield screw, I cut one side of the washer with a diagonal cutter and spread it open enough to slip over the windshield screw and then squeezed it back shut around the neck of the screw. This is necessary because the neck of the screw next to the shoulder is narrower than the threaded portion. With these spacers in, the windshield fits fine, slides up and down smoothly and locks in place like it should.

Just a heads upto anyone contemplating purchasing a new windshield for the 1500, if it's thicker which is nice, it might take a bit of backyard engineering to get it to fit.

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