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exavid wrote:
The thing I don't like about the NACA vent is you can't close it if you should need or want to. If it turns out rain does come through you'd have to use duct tape. This is approved in Canada (red/green)but maybe not in the US. If you get the 4" taller one you can always cut it down if you don't like it.

Ah ha ha on the red/green thing. That guy is super cool(kewl).

I tested my slightly taller windshield today and it was a good improvement. I think I may even like one that is another 2" taller. I could still rise up to see over it in a pinch. Today, I leaned foward and placed my head down toward the center of the handle bars and I was amazed at how calm it was there. All I could hear was the steady purr of that ol engine. I was just trying to hear a bit of news about our coming Ophilia this weekend. Hopefully it will be just a breezy rain by the time it reaches the shores of NS. Paul, you will be pleased to learn that I ordered a chatterbox kit for my helmet-should be here next week. Then I won't have to lean foward to hear the news.

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