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exavid wrote:
You might have a problem with your speakers, on both my 1200 and 1500 I can hear the radio just fine with the front speakers at highway speeds. Never have to turn it up quite to half way on the volume controls. The automatic volume control does a good job, it comes in at around 45 mph and raises the volume. I had rear speakers on both bikes but always ended up using only the front. The headsets do make it better for music, I use them when I listen to classical music from our local classical station, the dynamic range of most classical pieces is just too wide to work well without them.

Oh the speakers are OK, I just did not have the volume up quite enough, and I have yet to prove the auto volume is working. I just need to doa trial on that feature. I also just got an HJC AC-3 helmet and it covers my ears a lot better. Can't wait to get the headset.

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