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Originally Posted by AZgl1800 View Post
I am Dead Serious, it is an easy way to be able to put things back together.
It is cheap, it is effective, and it works.
I believe you believe in the numbered tapes, I meant if you were serious about them not being numbered.

Originally Posted by TXRLGL1500 View Post
and I had to get a 16 inch phillips screwdriver to reach the carb clamps.
Make sure you have at least a 16" long 1/4" flat head also for adjusting mixture screws once the carbs are reinstalled and an impact driver for the screws holding the top plate and heater plate on. They're going to be ridiculously tight. Also, if your's still have limiter caps on the pilot screws, I suggest grinding off the boss on the edge of the bowl so you'll have full range of pilot screw adjustment. If they don't have the caps, grind a slot for a flat head if they're the "D" style heads and grind off the boss anyway, it can make it difficult for the head of the screwdriver to turn.
I can't agree more with taking pictures even though your lines are already numbered and colored already
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