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I am going to mark the hoses with tape but putting a matching number on the location may have to be the picture with the taped hose as a location. Since I intend to soak the carbs in hot water its possible those will float off. I think I may get a fine point sharpie marker. Its permanent and do not believe the soaking should affect it. Will try a test piece first.

Spiralout: I already have a impact driver. Had to use it to get the air cleaner base off. Will look for the long flatblade. Thanks for the heads up on that. I bought the phillips from Lowes.

Discovered last year a fellow moved in down the street that had been out of the country...I noticed him he came tooling by on an
old VFR Honda Sabre 1000!!! Could not miss him. Gray hair, no helmet. He would turn the corner in front of my house, shut the motor off and coast into his garage. Its an 84 or 85 model. Went down to introduce my self and discovered he had the matching 700cc V4 interceptor in his garage AND a bike I wanted to own in the 70's a 1971 Norton Commando he was getting activated after being in Florida storage for awhile. He had owned it since his twenties!!! He is about my age in mid-sixties....Great to have a neighbor that keeps things as long as I do.
Ok off to work this morning.
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