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Aloha Tom
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Call the dealer and speak with the Service MANAGER, not the writer who bs'd you.
Ask him exactly what you were charged for and why,,
maybe it was an innocent mistake on the part of an untrained service writer who doesnt know about recall details
and simply entered the wrong codes in computer
(Im being nice)

If you are not satisfied with the refund that person offers, call CORP and make a complaint
That will prompt a call from corp to dealer, and a call from dealer to you!

ANY increase in price over estimate MUST be approved- to a dollar amount- by the customer before work can proceed
(guess who spent a lifetime in auto repair)

Its possible the word bleed was used instead of the correct job description of flushed, which should be done once a year
on all the hydraulic fluids, with a MAX between flushes of 2 years.
Wiki hygroscopic for why
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