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Just for the record, I'm still using these 1157 LEDs on a '97 GL1500 SE, with no ill effects on the cruise system. I was unaware that there was even an issue with LED tail/brake lights, regarding the cruise system. They are equally as bright as the OEM incandescent bulbs. No brighter, no dimmer. But they certainly do 'trigger' faster, thus a more distinct flash rate when turned on or off.

One thought did just occur to me while writing this. I have a Back-Off brake flasher in the system, between the brake lights and the incoming signal. So, the braking system of the bike doesn't really 'see' the LEDs. It sees the Back-Off modulator. I wonder if that could explain why I have had no issues with the cruise system. The Back-Off was installed before I ever went to LEDs on the rear end. Just a thought. Personally, I wouldn't be without the Back-Off brake modulator. It gets a lot of attention on braking. That might be a simpler solution to the discussed LED / Cruise issue. Just install a Back-Off, and your LEDs are good to go ?
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