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Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
Well.....I love the whole camping process. Having a fire, meeting and hanging out with folk, just a whole lot of interaction. On the air mattress, I sleep like a log and I know who has been doing what on it. The "Main Chain" motels give me the creeps with what might be wandering around on their mattresses, and I've seen those undercover reports on these main chain establishments. GROSS!!!!! What you can see might look spic and span but not sure about what you can't see. The 1st thing to go out the door is the bed spread.
Hubba Hubba you sweet talkin' Canuck! Red and I camp for the very same reasons. The bedbug epidemic in itself would cause us to camp..... and this setup below takes away all the arguments for us. it's as comfortable as any motel you can buy. I hate motels. As far as those oh dark thirty urinal calls for those of us who've been around long enough to have softball sized prostates, that's what they make empty gatorade bottles for! Plus, I'm looking forward to sitting around a campfire with you and the lovely Nikki, while you wear your consolation dragon hat.... Hey, if you get a hint where most people are camping, please pass it on to us? Danke!

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