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I just listened to a fire update on the radio.

So far the Fort McMurray fire has consumed 312,000 acres of timber land and a percentage of the city itself.

Currently the fire is moving to the North-East at a speed of 15 MPH and it will reach the Saskatchewan border by nightfall.

Two oil-sands production facilities have shut down with just emergency personnel remaining. The fire has limited chance of reaching the sites because of the nature of mining the area around them.

They expect it will consume another 200,000 acres today.

They estimate that 20% of Fort McMurray has been burned to the ground with other levels of damage throughout the city.

The 25,000 people that evacuated to the North are now in the process of being moved to the South of Fort McMurray via convoy on HWY 63. There is more support for them in the urban centres there.

Some 4,000 people have been airlifted from the camps at the oil-sands production facilities where they seeked shelter on Tuesday. Those facilities have their own airstrips capable of handling planes the size of 737's. The Canadian airforce are using C-130's to help out in this vein.

They expect that by day's end all 25,000 people to the North will have been moved South to safety.

Those people have a long road ahead, prayers going their way.



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