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What kind of pulley is on the alternator? Did you get the one wire Denso or what?

What I put on mine was the one wire mini Denso, and it comes with a vbelt pulley. What I found is the largest pulley you can use, and still have the inner cover bolt pass, is 2.65 inch pulley. I just used a 2.65 inch alternator pulley for the drive pulley and raised the idle to 1200 rpm.

Some say a drive pulley that size is not large enough, but so far it has been adequate as I don't live in the city and sit around idling much. As I remember the Denso mini one wire's charge cuts in at 1200 rpm, and continues charging until it is stopped turning. I think Don Piggot used to use a 1:00 to 1:00 ratio, and later switched to a larger drive pulley to make it charge at idle.

I don't remember the bolt size myself, but you can just take the bolt to with you to get a longer one.
Hope some of this helps. In doing it without buying the kit is far cheaper, but not easier to do.

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