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We are ready to start filling the new directory. If you want to be able to help your fellow members while traveling in your area, sign up now.

I don't have all the countries of the world in there yet but I do have Europe, Canada, US, Mexico, Central America and South America so far. I will try to add the others over the next week so if your country is not listed, please be patient.

Since the directory contains private member contact info, you need to register to even see it. I will approve the registrations as soon as I can each day. I'm in the US eastern so allow for my awake times. I am going to need a couple of admins to help me manage this. Please PM me if you are not in my time zone and would like to help manage it and keep it combed out.

For retrievals to work properly you follow the model I have posted for my own entry in US/Georgia.

Make a New Topic for your information in the correct section. Make the Title of the new topic like this:

Atlanta, GA area, Woodstock, Rudy 999.999.9999

As in.. State, nearby major city, your city, board name, phone number (at least all the pieces should be there in some order) Moderators will edit these to help standardize the Titles where needed.

Then put the rest of what you can and are willing to do and when in your message area of the post.

This way searches will produce good and usable lists as each of the words will be keywords for the searches.

I see no reason to use your real name (unless you wish to) and no reason to include your address. Just city state phone contact name and what you can offer will do.

This will have a few bumps but I wanted to get it started as soon as possible.

Here is the address of the member help directory...

There is no charge for any of it including the signup and although we will never release any info about your registration, keep in mind that any other registered member can read any other registered member's info (since that IS the purpose) so don't put full names and addresses in there unless you want that info out there.

I see this working one of two ways...

1. You are going to be traveling and decide to search and print several areas of the route. Sort of like a customized goldbook printout.

2. You go paperless but record several members phone numbers to carry. If you need help, you simply call those designated members who can act as support operators to lookup and contact help near where you are at the time.

I'll be using the second method for the most part, personally.

This is an evolutionary process that will take a little time to refine.

There will be zero tolerance for any member misusing the list. If you experience anything of that nature, please let me, or any of the admins or moderators here know quickly so those people can be removed from the system right away.



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