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Its fine to use 1 oz per gal over a longer period if thats what you want to do.
Minimum 3/4 oz per gal if you want actual results.

The higher 2 oz dosage works faster and does a really good job on the intake valves and piston tops, making them shiny new again.
It may take 300- 500 miles for total cleaning- for some riders thats a lot of weekends
For others, thats a great weekend!

I throw in about half a can/ 8 oz every month or two depending on how much riding has occurred.
At least 1 oz per gal is my goal for ongoing maintenance. One time mid-year with oil change is probably good for most riders.

I are using the Ca `summer gas` now- with added Oxygen and 10% Ethanol.
Thats a bummer for clean combustion

NOTE: The ONLY time you should get smoke with seafoam is when a large amount is added directly thru a master vac port or the carb throats.
The result is heat in the exhaust reacts with oils that make up seafoam blowing thru it at high speed = MASSIVE SMOKE
Really fun to do with the car because you must to do a blast-out drive after-
Car will billow a smoke screen worthy of James Bond

Cleans pistons immediately- the technique is used by mechanics on old dirty engines so you can diagnose the real problem.
Now they use a machine (often filled with seafoam or bg44) hooked into fuel system and charge $150
And by people who dont know better.

Thru the gas tank = it cleans every part of the fuel system and combustion chamber.
If the new Wings have a cat- it cleans that too~

When used in the gas tank there is no good reason for smoke to exit the exhaust!
If it does, there is a major internal problem.
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