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If the hotel stay is just overnight, I never take the trailer off.

in fact, the trailer has not been off my bike's hitch since a week before I left home to go to Virginia.

the hitch is tightened enough that it will just barely slip down over the ball, and then when the hitch coupler latch is down and locked, I put a padlock thru that so it can't be removed.

and the Safety Chains are wrapped up and over the top of the hitch and the padlock goes thru one of them also.

gonna be a real effort to get it off my bike....

I like the Alarm idea too, in fact, every time I went to bed, I was thinking "hey bud, you need to install an alarm on that trailer" and then you could go to sleep knowing that it is not messed with.

I also have a full cover for the trailer, it is made for trailers, and it has the elastic around the bottom to hold it secure. Not theft proof, but it has never once been messed with....

on the bike, I have a new Half Cover that goes over the windshield and shelters...

then I have a 30 year old POS looking full cover that I secure underneath the bike with a piece of hookup wire.... no locks, then you can't tell if it is a brand new bike, or an old guy's piece of junk under there....

that old cover is really ratty: my idea is "out of sight, out of mind" insurance.
and it also, has never, once in 30 years has that old piece of crap been messed with.

folks just don't have time to mess with farm junk, and that is how I disguise my bike when left alone.
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