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a knowledgeable person will realize that there is only a single pin under the fender that holds the vertical receiver mount to the bike.

That can be wiggled out with a lot of effort, as the tongue has about 40 lbs sitting on it.
At first, I thought that was too heavy, and then I just increased the rear spring setting from 15 to 25, and the effect of a trailer behind me just simply vaporized.

I have to look in the mirrors to see if it is still there.

at the Rest Stops along the freeways? most of them have a large area where you can practice your tight figure 8s. I was doing that at one of them, and got a hand clap from someone who was watching.

I could not even tell there was a trailer behind me on those figure 8s.
and that was precisely why I was doing it.

I wanted to explore the outer regions of handling with the trailer hooked up.

It became evident to me quickly, that I can just ignore it, other that at gas pumps I stay 2 feet further away than usual. But, that is the only difference in the way I ride the bike.

I do not notice it on super tight twisties at all, it as if it is just not there.
It has never pushed me hard into the turns, I practice coming into the turns with a slight bit of braking lever/rear and just a touch of extra power.

That for some reason, makes the whole rig feel like it is riding on Railroad Tracks.

I just completed 3,335 miles with that trailer, and never once unhooked it. Still haven't and might not at all.... the whole thing will fit in the shop as is.
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