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The flutes on the 1200 lens and the reflector both require an almost point source light ( as did most car and bike lights in the 80's )
Incandescent bulbs are that .. If you want slightly brighter, try SilverStar bulbs .

As one reviewer of LED pointed out ( LOL )
LED bulbs appear much brighter , and are great if you drive only in cities or not at night ...

On the other hand , HID H4 bulbs are almost a point source , and work quite well ... very bright :

and fairly cheap .... from $30 to $120 .

The one hang-up is that they require an exciter box ... which sadly means that you have to dreme out l a 1" by3' hole in the back of your light cavity to place the box into the fairing . What a pain !

I quite like my 35 watt motorcycle HID's ... for one thing , the after start charging comes back to 13.5 volts much faster , because the bulb is 35 watts, not 55/60 .

Also, they are much brighter , WAY down the road, on a dark night . But a pain to install !!


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