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GL1500 Gear Indicator

I want to share what I have done for a gear indicator for GL1500.

For the case of the indicator, I used the chrome case of a small car mirror (2 inch in dia), and prepared a sticker showing the numbers in a shop and stuck it on a 2mm plexiglass.

I used the wires going to ECU in the C59 connector to get gear position signals; black/white wire in C57 for positive voltage, and the ground from the connector over dipstick.

As we know, there is not a 1st gear signal on GL1500 (on some models 2nd either). So I prepared a circuit shown below to provide the 1st gear signal. The logic behind this circuit is, if any of the gears N, 2, 3, 4 or 5 is not selected then it will be on the 1st gear. I added a delay of 1.5 sec for the 1st gear led to light up, otherwise it would light up in every gear shift. I used 7809 voltage regulator to provide a stable voltage for the circuit, protected it using a 2A fuse and used a small box to house the control circuit.

I preferred the colors of leds as, red-1, green-N, blue-2, yellow-3,4, green-5, and adjusted their brightness using resistors in different values.

I placed the indicator on the top shelter, in front of the stereo and the control box under the right glove box.

Here are some pictures and circuit diagram of the project.

Note: Q1:BC337(npn); D1:5.6v zener; C:220uf; N,D2-5:1N4007; R0:10K; U:7809; R1-R6:675-5K ohm
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