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Get a manual. Honda Shop manual is best, Chilton's is good, Others are so-so.

Front forks:
If she has the OEM springs, (one long and one short spring in each tube) do yourself a favor and replace those old, tired springs with new Progressives. 1000% difference in the ride, 'specially 2-up.

Brake lines:
If she still has the old, tired OEM lines (rubber) do yourself another favor and replace them with new braided stainless lines.

Timing belt:
Unless you know they were replaced less than 5 years ago and less than 50k miles, do yourself yet another favor and DO NOT RUN that engine until they are replaced! The engine you save may be your own! NAPA or Gates belts are good and a lot less $$ then OEM.

Do not grind them, a light lapping is all they should need. And unless you suspect a valve leak, don't do even that. You have to pull the heads to lap the valves. If you do decide to pull the heads, use only OEM head gaskets unless you want to do the job again. Valve seals would be another item to do while ur in there. Head gasket info here:

Final Drive:
It's worth your time to take the rear wheel off and inspect the splines. They should be nice and square. Reassemble with fresh Moly-60 lube. Get the lube from MotherHonda and accept no substitutes! HowTo is here:

Under the left side cover, next to the battery, you will find an electrical connector that joins three yellow wires with three other yellow wires. Look over that connector very closely. If you see any scorching, cut the connector out and hardwire the yellow wires together. HowTo is here:

Does your starter seem sluggish? Here's how to rebuild the starter motor:

Watch for any oil and/or coolant drips coming from the left underside of the engine near the thermostat housing. If the weep hole under the thermostat housing is dripping, replace the water pump. Again, use OEM here unless you want to do it again. More info here:

Good luck with ur new baby!


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