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Originally Posted by Charlie in nc View Post
I don't think adjusting the valves will help, Never seen a cam lobe increase in lobe height, or a lifter increase.[at the bottom] That low cyclinder could be a leaking valve. [as in a burnt valve] I have done this to check for a leaking valve. Remove exhaust header, Remove the intake elbow, Bring crank almost to top dead center, Remove sparkplug, Fill cyclinder with atf, install cyclinder pressure gage and manually turn the crank in normal rotation WATCH pressure gage do not exceed 80 psi and watch for the atf leak at the intake or exhaust ports. NOW REMOVE pressure gage and turn crank in normal rotation to remove the atf from the cyclinder, IF YOU feel UNCOMFERTABLE doing this DON'T do it. SERIOUS problems could result. Just my two cents worth, Charlie
If a valve is too tight it will cause a low compression reading, valves do sink into the seats and decrease the clearance, or someone could adjust them too tight.
Never heard of that method of checking valves but it would work. Just wondering though, why would it hurt to exceed 80 psi?

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