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Originally Posted by billythegrape View Post
If I suspect a burnt valve, I would just perform a leakdown test with an actual leakdown tester, which I own. Still haven't adjusted the valve, my antique truck blew a coolant line and then my sewer broke. I refuse to pay anyone to do anything, so I had to fix myself. Will be adjusting valves next week and retesting.

History of the bike is that it hates idle. PO was an idiot, carbs were literally put together with teflon tape around the main jets. My theory is that the bike sat up for a looooong time before I got ahold of it.
Well there you go. Do a quality carb rebuild and with any luck that will fix the issue. A slightly lower compression on one cylinder will not make the bike run or idle bad in most cases. It is not worth worrying about. Lash the valves if you want but don't expect miracles.


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