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Here's the conundrum:I have a 79 that I paid $1300US for in summer '04. Did not run right whenI got it, but I was so.... intrigued and fascinated by the thing that I had to buy it. After a while, I found out that it was almost overheating. I solved this by having the rad flushed and replacing the fan thermo switch. Now, it doesn't overheat but still has various other issues, not to mention leaks still.It did have a new harness installed by a dealer that charged the previous owner a small fortune (in fact twice what I paid for the bike - $2600!!!), so i felt better about that part. And, new water pump and timing belts must have been done and have very few miles on them as both look practically new.

I have spent about $300 on it for various parts, having the radiator flushed, lights, air cut valve,etc. Routine stuff. I am in the midst of renewing the brakes (about $150 parts). It needs a carb clean, possibly a rebuild, which I may farm out in the interest of time ($300). It could use new points, but I think I'll go Dyna, possibly including coils ($350-?); plugs were replaced, but I don't know if wires will be (depnding on coils, I guess). Tires will be needed if I do any serious riding (they're dated 2002 and still have tread left) Would also like to do some cosmetics (paint, clean, refurbish aluminum), so some $$ there.

In short, I'm not sure how much $$ to sink into the old beast. She has 34k miles on her and the engine has the usual primary chain slap, seems to run OK. I'm sure the bike will run much better after carb cleaning and ignition issues are sorted out, but no gurantee, right? If I'm into it for $2500-3000, then I won't fee TOO bad, but there are lots of nice wings selling on ebay for that price right now. Hmm. Take the loss on this bike and just buy one of those, or spend my time slowly doing this one over? The other limiting factor is that it will takea while to do this, as I rent my flat and use a friend's garage for storage. And.... offspring #2 is on the way...

1979 1000 nekkid
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This is surely a case of weighing economics against love of the machine. From a purely economic point of view, you would probably be better off breaking her down and selling for parts, but if everyone kept doing that, there would be fewer old girls to bring back to life. You would however be giving others the chance to perfect their bikes and making a few bob at the same time.So comes in the love aspect. If you would like to restore this bike to her former glory and you are sure you wantto end up with a 1000, then you should perservere and work on her regardless of cost.

I think that the early models are more readily available in the US, but over here, they are getting very scarce, since few were sold in the first place, so it would, bemuch appreciated by admirers in the UK.


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┬*I think that you would find that those "nice bikes on EBay " will also need┬* from $500 to $2000 to bring them up to snuff if you value safety (brakes) ,┬* chrome, and lights... so a lot of what you are doing is only worthwhile if you really like the bike ?┬* ┬*Do you ?┬*[img]/forums/images/emoticons/emoticonsxtra/stumped.gif[/img] ┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*I spent almost 6 months searching for, and making offers on older wings until I finally got the one I wanted... Several dealers even admitted that the Classic wings were being sold, BECAUSE of the maintenance $$$ needed... One┬* 1992 model that I was trying out for a test drive stalled on myself, and my wife in the middle of the busiest intersection in Vancouver... The dealers estimate to re do it was $1900... which we all know would grow to $3000 or more ..┬* so in most cases .. you pays your money, and you takes your choice┬*┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*[img]/forums/images/emoticons/emoticonsxtra/cooldj.gif[/img]┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*SilverDave┬* ┬*┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*┬* ┬*

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In Summer of 1999 I found a 1982 GL1100A in cherry condition with 18K, had to have it.
Ended up replacing rear wheel because it was bent, you could see evidence of something being wedged between rim and swingarm and operantly doing the damage.

I had wibrations at 70MPH that would not go away untill the wheel was replaced.
I had new fork seals installed and brakes rebuild by a local guru at a time after my rear brake seased on me mile after getting on the freeway.
Warn pads caused piston to get stuck, friction build up heath and subsequently locked the wheel.
I was able to counteract the wheel lockup untill I pulled over by winding up a throttle and acting quickly.

I had mooving and shipping expences that factored in at a time, I spent about $1000 in varies parts and small upgrades and recovery efforts.
My wife estimated at a time that my total cost of owning that beauty added up to nearly $6000 for the 3 years, I sold it for $3000 in Fall of 2003, that makes my cost of ownership about $3000, never cried over it since I have enjoyed every minute of anything I did with that bike.

Here I am few years later with 1984 GL1200A and 19.5 K on it's clock, bought it for $3600 and my cost of recovery / upgrades and customising to my taste will add up to $5500 with purchase of new Corbin seat.

I am a kid again, haven't played this hard in years and have no regreats, theese are beautiful bikes and bringing one back to life is thing of the choice not economics.

I could have nearly new Kawasaki Concours for the money I am spending here, very nice sport touring machine with strong aftermarket support and a cult of followers, but I love the early wing instead, there is something about the bike that you don't find in another brand or type.

It is up to you, bike has to have basic solid value to qualify for restoration in my mind, but most of all, you must love it, .............. otherwise go for economics and part out to recover some of the cash and try another one.
First one was a learning experiance for me so everything I do now is more to my advatage and I am ending up with better bike.
Keeping any 20 plus years old bike on the road costs money, heck ,some people spend this much to keep their new bikes on the road
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It is sort of like my '75 project bike, I will spend more than it will be worth, however, I am having fun working on it.

now for your bike.... I admit, I am not CURRENTLY putting that money into my '78,


I have been putting money into it all along, electronic ignition in '79, fluids, pads tires for years, paid to have it painted once, and painted it myself once. Done lots of work myself. long and short, I probably have put those kind of dollars into my bike, but it has been over a lot of years.
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Vic, that is pretty much where I am at right now, mentally. I want to restore the bike and really do not mind having $3k into a bike that is worth $2k (although I cannot go much more in that same loss direction). Restoring the bike is something I enjoy even if it costs more $. It's the riding part that I feel like I'm missing out on. To be clear, I have another bike that┬*I ride most days to work and around town. It's a little 225cc Dual Sport put-putter. I love twisting the throttle on the wing and getting down the road a wee bit faster, however.

All in all, I'll probably keep it for another year or so as long as my buddy allows me the use of his garage. If I had to keep it outside all winter, I might let it go. Ah, the saga continues.

edit: as long as i can afford to that is. two kids will be the priority, not the wing. i should just make that clear. ahem.┬*

1979 1000 nekkid
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oh, and, rcmatt, that is exactly what I would do if I were to sell this wing - buy a 75 or 76... I love the styling of those bikes more than the 79.

1979 1000 nekkid
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There seems to be a common thread developing here. Many have put more money into their bikes than would appear prudent, from an investment standpoint. I have to admit to doing the same thing. After buying my bike for $2100, I started replacing pieces that were showing some weathering. I've got enough invested now that I could sell it for what I have invested, but the fun and education that I've gained from the experience can't be measured in a "profit and loss" statement.
If my intention was to keep the bike forever, I'd keep going and make it absolutely pristine, but I'll likely buy a new/newer bike in the next year, so I'm going to stop investing money now. At least that's what I think right now. That could change by tomorrow.

2002 GL1800
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yes, scott. i basically know the answer, and to be fair, there is, of course, no answer that is perfect in this situation. it is not a matter of money, as you say, but a matter of personal investment, and i am willing to make that investment, it's just that funds are tight and i have another small bike to ride right now. so, my time and $$ into the wing are limited. if i have a storage problem in thefuture, that might seal its fate, but right now and for the immediate future i'm doing ok. i cannot imagine having more time with two kids than i have not with one, though...┬*┬*[img]/forums/images/emoticons/shock.gif[/img]

1979 1000 nekkid
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Okay, I have turned this into a mathmatical formula to take the bias out of it and to get a scientifically derived answer. The formula is very complicated, but includes things such as resale value, sentimental value, book values etc......

The answer is $23,456.87

I think I may have put a little too much empahasis on the sentimental value in the formula.

77 GL1000 - forever in your debt
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