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Jluvs2dive 07-06-2012 11:51 AM

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Cycle gear has their house brand (BILT) modular helmets on for 1/2 price right now. Their regular price is pretty cheap already, but now at $69.99 they are an outstanding value, if you like them and ifthey fit your head type. Just passing on the info. I have no affiliation with Cyclegear.


Redeye1620 07-07-2012 11:02 AM

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PURE JUNK at any price, IMHO. The latching system is a plastic hook on plastic posts. I looked at them for my grand daughter & passed. My $00.02....-Rich

tfdeputydawg 07-07-2012 12:02 PM

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First, thanks for the post. We all look for deals!
Unfortunately, IMHO, this helmet is not worth that cost at any price.
Having read several reviews, via I-net search, my conclusion is I would not buy this helmet!
Usually when a price cut of this magnitude occurs, the reason is the product is not moving or there have many complaints/problems/returns. Minimal padding also suggests minimal protection to me+excess wind noise. DOT approval w/no Snell rating is always a deal stopper for me.

Jluvs2dive 07-07-2012 05:28 PM

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I've never had one or even tried them on or looked at them in the store. I have a friend that bought one and loves it, but I didn't talk to him about the features or how it's made so was unaware of the latch mechanism. I thought I remembered reading somewhere that it was metal but can't say that for sure. I just read some of the reviews on it and none of them mentioned the latch mechanism but did mention other issues, primarily that when you open the flip up it partially obstructs your view because it doesn't open far enough. Based on the report of the plastic mechanism and the obstructed view with the flip open I would not recommend one of these either.


Trainertim77 07-07-2012 07:40 PM

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As I say this, I fully understand there are exceptions to the rule, but I believe you generally get what you pay for. And when it comes to safety, not sure I would try to save money. Walmart is Walmart no matter how you look at it.

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