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Chromo 10-03-2015 02:41 AM

Carry ROCKS in pockets in MO!
Rocks can not be traced, and MO is full of rocks!
Stop and get some for your pockets or coffee cup as you pass through!

If I had some on me today 2 vehicles would have got a windshield full!!!

One I was riding behind a semi and some moron like 20 feet behind me at 65MPH! I mean REALLY CLOSE, if I had to hard brake, panic stop or any reason I'd go down like blown tire, NO CHANCE he could miss me!!
I slowed once a bit slow to give him the hint then gunned it back up to the safe distance behind the semi again, took him a minute or more then right on my tail again!
When I just suddenly let off throttle and dropped to 45mph then cruised at about 45mph for a bit, then gunned it and got away from him and back to semi he seemed to get the hint for awhile!

Then we get to a passing area, some bimbo passes me on the right and cuts me off just as I am about to pass that semi! I gave her both the horn and the finger for a bit! I mean like 5 feet in front of me and maybe 10 feet behind the semi! She would not have even had that 5 feet if I had not dumped the throttle when I did!

Then I pass that semi, I get to the next semi and I be dammed if that black hunk of crap riding my a$$ don't try to do same dam thing, pass me on right and 20' or less between me and semi I am passing! He did not get a chance to cut me off! I gunned it a bit and when to driver door of semi where I knew he saw e there I stayed there till just before the lane ended, that put the black hunk of carp having to slow and stuck behind semi still and got him off my tail!

THEN I am up on the bimbo that cut me off once and passing her, SHE speeds up as I try to pass and 2 lanes end into 1 lane! I am doing 75-80mph in a 65mph to get in front of her and she has only been doing 65 all this time till I tried to pass her! Same bimbo that cut me off when I was about to pass the semi earlier!

Ya, I had like 3 coffee cups with me but all were empty! I sure do wish I had 2 cups of rocks to give those A$$ holes today!

I had to slow for something in the road in my lane just before we got into town and that bimbo done it again and passed me as lane ended, then a few hundred feet ahead she pulled into a dairy queen! I was really tempted to stop by and give her a few direct words but I was in a bit of a hurry!

OH, if I just had a cup of rocks with me today!!! >:)

joe in calif 10-03-2015 09:16 AM

If you rode in Calif you would need a trailer full of rocks.
car/truck VS motorcycle, motorcycle usually will not win. Just slow down and let them get ahead of you and be safe. Lots of stupid drivers out there and not all are on 4 wheels.

CrystalPistol 10-03-2015 09:53 AM

Throwing a handful or just one rock at the windshield of a motor vehicle on a highway moving is a felony.
I know .... you were joking .... but just the same.

I know nimrods like that tend to just make you mad, but anger clouds reason. You do not know what they are bringing to the party, if they are idiots or maybe ill (diabetic?) nor do you know what just happened in their life that might change their desire to see tomorrow. You don't know anything about them at all except that they are behind you too close for comfort.

By far, best thing is to get them off your butt. Once you saw they'ld would slow with you .... been good to just signal to right, slow and pull off side of roadway and let pass ..... then when safe, re-enter traffic flow and now they are a mile ahead. If it's an interstate or other limited access highway, slow and they'll likely pass before you pull off if desolate. If traffic is heavy, better safer bet is exit at first exit, go to end of ramp, stop or yield as signage indicates, and simply re-enter the highway.

You can't keep them from being a hazard to someone someplace .... but you can take simple steps to help them find another victim besides yourself while on your MC in a vulnerable condition such as you are.

Safe Travels ........ :-)

Aloha Tom 10-03-2015 09:55 AM

In Ca and probably other places I do not ride, cagers on the phone without a headset are usually the ones
doing the high speed right lane pass... and the no clearance in front pull back in

Here is something I heard on the radio~ Told as a story only- not for use - legal disclaimer!!

Rocks? ptttttttt
Small metal washers, possibly painted black~ slid onto a holder like an unfolded paper-clip that could be concealed alongside a gloved hand...
hand down casually getting some fresh air,,,plink,,,plink, plinkplink SPLAT crack!

Often gets the offenders to back off! AND no proof they came from anywhere but the road surface
All the washers on my bike are chrome or plain metal - no black ones here!!!
Must be from one of those loud bagger bikes~
Those things always shake parts loose! or the numerous semi-trucks bouncing parts or products off every few feet down the road!

The few times I have gotten in a rolling dispute- after some adrenaline surge has settled,
its obvious the bike will always lose.
That driver - in their possibly drug or alcohol fueled rage- decides their life is no longer important,
and neither is yours,,, ends both lives in a moment!

At the moment of the encounter= you are not being seen a human being on a motorcycle,
you are just the ahole keeping them from whatever is important to them

ahhh now that idiot biker is out of the way of my self importance!! and their Bavarian Attitude auto getting to the next turnoff... 3 lanes back over to the right side...for smokes or ice cream ~

Best thing we can do IMO = get out of the way while noting license plate and description
Pull off road and call 911, report: Dangerous driver nearly hit motorcycle, Driver is On the phone!
Weaving / possibly intoxicated...speeding, cutting off vehicles and not seeing anything in front of them!

Pretty soon you will pass them, engaged in a private discussion with LE about their skills and attitude.
Honk as you pass by!
Those with bike cams can turn in the footage, or have the license plate info correct for the report

Mobil 911 works! Report Drunk Drivers, How do I tell them apart from the normal sheeety drivers you ask?
Anyone hassling a motorcycle! A sober person has more brains than that (hoping)

rgbeard 10-03-2015 10:37 AM

That works just fine, unless the driver of the car gets "the red mist" of anger, then you can be dead.

Make your decisions wisely.

suvcw04 10-03-2015 11:52 AM

There are old riders, and there are bold riders. There are not many who fit in both sets of demographics.

Personally, I do not pick fights with cars. They outweigh my bike by a ton or more. Kind of like taking a knife to a gunfight.

akwinger 10-03-2015 01:53 PM

I do as CrystalPistol does. Just pull over and let the idiots go. I try not to be in a hurry while enjoying a bike ride. It's not worth it. I don't need the extra stress to distract me from all the other things to watch out for.

NVSB4 10-03-2015 04:55 PM

When I was a lot younger and dumber (over 20 years ago), I used to keep a paintball gun close at hand.
A couple of well placed shots to the windshield or drivers mirror would get the point across.
With so many now carrying handguns and road rage even crazier, I gave that up a long time ago.

Aloha Tom 10-03-2015 05:33 PM

Yeah, thats the real problem, GUNS!!!!!
and the many people who would never be allowed to legally posses One, have 3 in the car at all times!...
along with 5 grams of meth, some E tabs, unregistered Felon, No serial #s on the guns..
You know- the type of people found in your local newspapers arrest reports and county lock-ups!

IMO: This thread is for our- if it were still the 70s and real life wasnt so dangerous type story thoughts ;)
* Reminder STORY = 3% to 10% Fact... substantiated by 90% Fiction

Its fine to vent our frustration here where it harms no-one. Get it out of the emotional system,
so on the road we are responsible and represent that demographic of riders that is SAFE.
Not crotch rocket lane splitting speeders who wheelie down the freeway!
Much as I would like to see a Wing do a freeway wheelie!!! on the racing dragstrip of course ~

Relaxed Riding:
The times spent with the throttle at a casual setting and letting faster traffic pass is my relaxing time.

Coming out of Yosemite, I frequently pull over or wave cages by- in their big hurry down a 7000 foot tall mountain.
The radar equipped Rangers who are very sensitive about the 35mph speed limit, and no crossing the double yellow lines policy are hiding in the bushes!
By letting the cages go I now have clear road behind me, allowing safer practice of braking points,
turn in, apex and throttle pick up- with the next corner entry there as soon as you exit the prior one.

Slowing down allows exploration of the corners, thats half of why I ride- constantly challenging self to improve, the other half is the great vistas and overlooks to enjoy.
Food stops??? Insulated lunchbox fits perfect in the Wing trunk... filled with The Diabetic Special

Power Guy 10-03-2015 07:45 PM

Well road rage from either party is not good. Trust me I have had my share of idiots cut me off, tail gate and slam on the brakes in front of me. Thank God those idiots are just a small number of drivers on the road. Don't know if I would throw rocks. That makes you the aggressor. Just pull away from the situation ( pull over if you have to) take a deep breath, say all the 4 letter words you know. Then know that you are a better person for not lowering yourself to their level.

Or get their license plate number and post it here. When we see them will will beat the s#*t out of them for you...😏

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