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BLUTHUNDR31 04-12-2019 04:24 PM

Interested in upgrading your GL1500 stereo to something from the 21st Century?
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Many riders of the GL1500 have had to deal with the stereo's that were "high-tech" for the 20th century, but are becoming more and more trouble as they age. The cassette stops working, the tuner gets finicky, and they can be expensive to keep "send it to the shop". Is there a way to get good sound with 21st Century technology on a motorcycle that is 20 to 33 years old??? Something with Bluetooth capability for connecting to headsets and phones, multiple pre-sets for AM/FM, USB port for charging or listening to MP3's, maybe a SD card slot for tunes, an Auxiliary input jack for music from the phone, or navigation info, waterproof for rainy days???


A panel that will "seamlessly" fit the contours of the existing center-shelter where the radio sits! The panel sits flush and mounts to the same mounting points that the OEM radio uses. The panel has 3" clearance between the air filter housing at the "front" of the panel (closest to the dash). There is 3.5" clearance between the air filter housing and the panel at the point where it angles downward to be flush with the gas cap door. A ton of AM/FM stereo's currently on the market will fit with very little "modification" to the panel to cut a hole for the "body" or "guts" of the unit. It's also possible to lay the "body" horizontal under the panel mounted and secured to a metal "plate" that bolts up to the "legs" of the panel. The "face" of the radio is mounted on the panel and faces upward for easy reading.

I'm not an electronics guru but atleast one person who has done this type of modification has been able to continue using the controls on the handlebar for music/intercom usage (and provided wiring diagrams). So it CAN be done.


radio sideview.jpg

ALEX BERECZKY 04-15-2019 04:08 PM

So is this something that You did, or have instructions for?

I would so love to be able to install an Car Stereo Head like shown (in the trunk), but use an USB-Stick for audio source, and use handle bar controls for volume, channel selection.

BLUTHUNDR31 04-15-2019 05:04 PM

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The pictures you see in my first post ARE my stereo/phone setup. It has all the features I spoke of in the first post, except for the SD card slot, and its not waterproof, , , but for less than $20 bucks, I didn't expect it to be.

If you remove the OEM stereo you end up with a big HOLE that nothing fits into, ,BUT there is a "blank-off" panel that fits seamlessly in that "hole". Once the hole is filled, there is 3" clearance between the panel and the top of the air filter housing at the front (closest to the dash). There is 3.5" clearance between the panel and the air filter housing at the point where the panel angles downward to the gas cap door.

NOW, , riders have the option of putting a 21st century AM/FM stereo with ALL the bells-and-whistles mounted on the panel facing upward for easy viewing. There are TONS of Marine/waterproof stereo's on the market that will fit. It was simple to remove (two small screws), the "face" from the "body" and mount the body on a metal place under the panel. The USB port charges my phone so I never have a dead battery, AND it plays MP3 music from a thumb-drive(stick). The Aux-in jack plays music from the iphone in the pictures too, and Navi info if needed.

Numerous brands of radio such as Jensen, Blaupunkt, Pyle, Dual, and Boss, and others, have an assortment of stereos that have everything a rider needs.


The panel will fit ALL GL1500's from '88-'00 since Mother Honda used the same centershelter every year.

The ability to plug-and-play to the handlebar controls depends on the stereo you select, and the ability to decipher the wiring to match the controls. A member at our "sister" site was successful and provided schematics, , for HIS radio/year bike. I don't know if it would work for EVERY stereo and year of GL1500. He used a Jensen waterproof unit with all the bells-and-whistles that is 2.5" thick so it would've fit on this panel perfectly. Unfortunately this panel was not available when he did his modification.



ALEX BERECZKY 04-16-2019 01:34 PM

So then, how about posting Instructions for how you did it? (especially the wire connections)

Also, does the Intercom and CB still work?

CrystalPistol 04-16-2019 02:48 PM

I listen to Willie's Roadhouse or 40s on 4, all old stuff from the 20th century on XM (post Y2K), that's good enough.

BLUTHUNDR31 04-17-2019 11:03 PM

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Originally Posted by CrystalPistol (Post 5836069)
I listen to Willie's Roadhouse or 40s on 4, all old stuff from the 20th century on XM (post Y2K), that's good enough.

I'd NEVER ask a man to dump Willie, or Waylon, ,or George Strait, , , BUT Boy George DEFINITELY has to go!!! >:)

With a new stereo setup you could continue to listen with all your tunes on a thumb-drive and never miss a beat.

I've just received a small number of the "Blank-off" panels that are "cosmetically" identical to the one in the picture, ,they are a slick addition to ALL/ANY GL1500 rider who wants a platform to mount a sound system that has all the current technology available.

I have modified the panels so they have more "beef" at the stress points without changing the appearance or mounting capability. Mounting an Amp on a metal plate under the center-shelter would be helpful and it would stay hidden.

These panels are available under the "label" of Unobtainium 2.1 and have the part number of 83155-MW5-XXX, and MADE IN USA.
The cost will be $132.00 (same as the Unobtainium 2.0) plus $14.35 S/H to lower 48 states. International shipping will be higher, but panel cost will stay the same. PM me if interested.





BLUTHUNDR31 06-14-2019 07:57 PM

I'll be dealing with a family issue and will be unable to send out any panels until after July 1, 2019.

My brother, (Tony Garcia) who flew down to california last year just to be my "wingman" after I put my beast back together, was diagnosed with bladder cancer and is going "under-the-knife" on Monday (6/17) at Mayo Clinic in AZ. He's the best brother anyone could have, , , and all "prayers" or "good thoughts" would be appreciated.


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