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majickdragon 04-13-2019 04:48 PM

86 gold wing speedometer
my gold wing speedometer only works when out side temp is below 30 degrees. above 30 speedometer reeds only 0. any ideas how to fix this problem

cmhbob 04-13-2019 11:25 PM

My reflex is to say your cable is breaking, and that it only works in cold weather because the lube/grease/whatever is congealing.

Of course, I could be talking out of my third point of contact.

MICK MACK 04-14-2019 12:21 AM

mine did that, intermittent failure... til complete failure after fork seal rebuild. drive thingie on the front wheel? shaft? in dash? that is why they put a tack on it, so when the speedo fails, can still have a clue how fast a rider is going. if blowing past ppl... probably speeding, if being blow past... probably going too slow for traffic conditions. 3000 R's @ ~60 MPH? 1500 R's @ ~30MPH in 5th gear. some things are not worth the hassle/expense to fix. gas tank gauge sender??? unavailable now.... so ... try to keep track of mileage.... 6 gallon tank ~200 miles??? @ 34 mpg? half a tank...time to think about putting more gas in the machine as pushing 800# machine even a SHORT ways to the gas pump is a 3 MAN job (don't ask)

Bike...and Dennis 04-14-2019 02:28 AM

It's an Aspy. No cable.

OnaWingAndaPrayer 04-14-2019 07:54 AM

No cable , but it still has a gear box that may fail. Perhaps the signal box is loose on the gearbox and fits better in cold temps?

majickdragon 04-19-2019 09:00 PM

just finished putting on new censer cleaned all connections and still no speedo in weather over 30. checked the tabs on censer gear hub every thing turns as it should. on volt test one side is 5 volts like it should the other stays at 2 volts even when you turn clock wise 1 full turn.
please help im going nuts here

was wondering would it hurt anything if i by pasted the 2 connectors ( the one under the false tank and the one going into the faring ) and go from the censer to speedometer is self. was thinking it might be a broken wire . do you you think that will work.

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