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odinjunior 04-16-2019 10:29 AM

Message notifications
I am not getting notifications when a new reply is posted to my threads.
I must have something set wrong but I can't tell what it is.
Can someone help me out?

Bike...and Dennis 04-16-2019 10:55 AM

Go to "User CP".

In the left column find "Edit Options".

odinjunior 04-16-2019 11:33 AM


Originally Posted by Bike...and Dennis (Post 5836017)
Go to "User CP".

In the left column find "Edit Options".

OK I did that and still nothing.

AZgl1800 04-16-2019 12:55 PM

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I changed up 3 different options that you overlooked.
the way the forum has them spread out in different areas makes it hard for the user to set them all correctly w/o a lot of looking.

the one area I am not sure of yet, is receiving the emails themselves.
the forum has been having an issue where it sends them out to some folks, and not to other folks.

also, you need to check that the forum's emails are not ending up in the SPAM folder in your account.

yahoo has been sending me emails, so would hope that they aren't red flagging yours.
when I post this, you "should" get an email within a minute or two.
check to see if that is so.

Also, there is one other thing you can do for "each thread", and that is to use the Advanced Editor to specify that you definitely want notifications "on this thread".

you can activate Advanced by either:
selecting "Post Reply" on left side of page below the last post.
Choose "Advanced Options/Editor" button below the regular "quick post" editor.

Once you are in Advanced mode, you can scroll down to this part and select how you want to be notified.

DanJ 04-16-2019 12:59 PM

Have you received an email notice for AZgl1800's post, and also for this post?

Bike...and Dennis 04-16-2019 12:59 PM


You're right, it is checked. This happened to me once and I can't remember how I fixed it.

Do you have another e-mail address? Maybe see if this will send to that one.

AZgl1800 04-16-2019 01:03 PM

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Yahoo is working, look at this notification when DanJ posted to your thread.
I got a notice that he posted, but not that I posted ( which is normal )

Bike...and Dennis 04-16-2019 01:13 PM

Oops, John got in ahead of me.

AZgl1800 04-16-2019 01:22 PM

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I just received two more notices, so I know that gmail is working for sure.
my current email for this forum is and gmail auto forwards everything to Yahoo

BEN2112 04-16-2019 02:43 PM

I just joined recently and I "AM" getting notified at my comcast email

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