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Originally Posted by AZgl1800 View Post
so far, it has only been run 3 times.
twice to exercise it and once to provide us with power during an outage.

found out one thing though, these medium priced aux gensets are not perfect sine wave generators. I have 3 APC brand CyberPower model standby units, and not one of them will turn on with the generator providing the power.

so, that means that if I want to watch TV or use my computers during a long power outage situation, I have to remove the APC units out of the circuit and do w/o them. what a mess that is.

I called the factory to find out why they would not work, and they explained that all APC units require a Perfect Sine Wave, or they will not all the input power to be passed thru to the appliances.

as you can see in this picture, there are 5 power cords and one USB charging module hooked to this APC unit. it is a 1500 watt unit and will run my desktop for about 30 minutes before the batter goes dead. It powers every thing on my desk,monitor, PC, etc...
Speaking of, and to throw the thread sideways, my APC ups unit is totally useless, will not run my desktop but just long enough to command it to shut down. I'm wondering if I could connect a larger external battery to it?

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