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This old hillbilly can come up with some ideas.

A few weeks ago I bought this old S10
Been working on it ever since a little at a time and just about have it in tip top shape. Was working on the AC, put a new compressor, accumulator and orifice tube in it and a new pressure switch. As many of you probably know the compressor cycles off the pressure switch, what was happening is after a little while it would start cycling real fast, clack clack clack every 1/2 second, figured it was the pressure switch so I changed it, same thing. The pressure gets down to about 25psi, it shuts off and about 26psi it comes back on, should come back on about 40psi. The bright idea I had was use something different. I had an old refrigerator out back so I too the temperature control out of it, drilled a small hole in the evap housing and ran the probe in it, connected it to the pressure switch wires and WALA it works perfect. I also took off the belt driven fan and put on an electric fan with a thermostatic control and tied it to the AC with a relay so it runs when the compressor is on also. I now have more in the little truck than it's worth but so it goes.

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