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By following him on the road you can tell if any exhaust smoke, its color and when happens- on the throttle or rolling off?
Lots of information from that.

Get that needed first few hundred miles on the ring set. Thousand of micro-hills and valleys have to level into each other,
and they are depending on you doing a new engine break-in ride(s)
That means no full throttle, no sustained throttle over 4000 and vary the rpm every 5-10 minutes on freeway cruise portion of the ride.
Use the gears to slow down like normal, helps the break-in process
If your owner or repair book says different - follow them.

Change the oil per book for new engine...500? 1000 miles?
All that metal rubbing together creates debris the oil filter hopefully captures.

Some like to go back and re-torque head bolts after 500 miles or so, several heat cycles.
If you have to adjust valves on 1000- ck them again.
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