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Originally Posted by trike lady View Post
I have only one that runs XP pro but it has games on it. I put the recent update for 5-13-2017 in it yesterday to protect it from ransomeware, like a criminal wants to hold a computer hostage over some games.
I have Windows 7 and it still works.
I'm thinking about getting a second hand Apple laptop from fleabay. Want to try one and see how good they are or a spare hard drive for the Itronix and put Linux Mint on it.
Big companies or organizations shouldn't be using outdated operating systems, too much information to put at risk. If you're playing games that's not a problem.
I agree. I'm running Win7 and do not want to upgrade to 10.
Every time Microsoft comes out with with a new operating system, a lot of the older software no longer runs.
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