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Thanks, Paul. That's what i figured, re: battery. I get popping mostly on downthrottle, but ocassional acceleration, but only out of one side. All the air-cut valve o-rings are good. No vacuum leaks. I'll look for arcing in the dark, and then put some electrical tape on. Is that mileage about right for city use? I always got 40mpg with this bike in good tune (Imp gallons), which is the mileage it's getting now. Seems a shock to get only 33/34 US gallons, but according to Randakk, spirited riding yields 34-36mpg, and Honda states 40mpg (probably hwy use). The bike also has a K&N reusable filter in it, which was serviced recently. I wonder if this is restricting air flow, or possibly too much?

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