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I'm a new user of this forum and havn't owned a goldwing all that long but have been running and working on bikes since I was 14. I am now not 14 any more and have double digit experience with the pleasure of riding and wrenching on motorcycles.

Now all the preambles are out of the way, I had the same problem with my 84 wing and did all the things one first thinks of. Lean carb, gas filter fuel pump ect. ect. It turned out to be bad seals on the mufflers.On deceleration with throttle closed it would suck air into the pipe till it got to the point that enough oxygen was in a fuel rich environment that the heat would ignite the mix and produce a backfire.

Well after that long winded spew of verbage, Check the clamps on the bike where the mufflers fasten to the header pipes and also the crossover pipe might be rusted.

Just my 2 cents worth, Good Luck


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