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Originally Posted by Wilcoy02 View Post
The shaft I am having troubles with is the center shaft. Where the 2 belt gears are located. The rear one is where I have 1/8 inch slop. This is causing the motor to have a knock when running. I believe because the belt is 1/2 tooth off due to the slop.

These are not aluminum as a magnet does attach to the center gears.

So is spot welding feasible?
Is there a key for these two belt gears?
The Huntington Beach website does not show keys but the drawing for the crankshaft shows a key slot.

I would assume they have keys since 1200 does.

From the 1200 service manual "If the bolt is properly torqued and one or both of the pulleys is loose, disassemble and inspect the pulley keyways for wear."
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