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I live in the country and have problems in my garage and cabin. I built a multi animal trap for each location and it works well. It diverts the rodents into the trap and they die. (Unfortunately not a pleasant death). Use a five gallon (industrial) pale; drill a small hole about three inches down from the rim and the same opposite; using a metal coat hanger, straightened, push it through one hole then a soda can and then the other hole; using a bit of tape, block the soda can from moving alone the hanger wire; prepare a board from the floor to the rim of the pale (I use a 1x3 about 3 feet long with a nail through one end so it doesn't slip off the pale); put about 4 or 5 inches of water in the pale; and finally, a little peanut on the ramp and the soda can. Simple, cheep, effective. In operation the rodent is attracted up the ramp and reaches for the peanut butter on the can, jumps, falls, and...
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