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We have had this problem for the bikes, in the cars, in the van...ate a 4" strip of the seat off on the 75 FLH.....Mostly just plain rats and mice....The best solution was when we purchased a electronic rat trap off eBay....7,000 volts....THIS GETS THE RATS....The rats made beds with the mothballs...they licked up the cayenne pepper snap Mouse traps are the most effective "mouse" trap...cheese or peanut butter works good..I use dry cat food in the 7,000 volt trap.....Snap Rat Traps work once....and then never again...It's like the rest of them have a learning curve that teaches the ALL the perils of Rat Traps....I have tried poison bait...they eat it all and come back the next night for more...go figure...
So, in summary, get a electronic trap for rats and set cheap little snap traps for mice....
I have had limited luck with the two flap door metal traps....once you catch a mouse in one of them, THEN you can catch more mice because they catch the sent of the first mouse....May take a while to catch the first one...a little cheese in the metal trap helps...
This is after 15 years of trying everything I could find....
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